Absolute Metrology Services has over 25 years of experience in high-level interferometry and optical test. Our first priority is to provide you with accurate test results. Our second priority is to give you quick part turnaround. We provide a formal test report for your measurements and offer a ‘walk through’ of the report over the phone for greater ease and efficiency. AMS does not sell metrology equipment or optics; our focus is to provide the most accurate optical metrology. We take pride in our top-notch customer service.

Optical Testing Services

The most common measurement requests include:

  • Flat and spherical surface form and reference certifications (Verifire™MST)
  • Transmitted wavefront error (Verifire™MST)
  • Spherical radius of curvature (VeriFire™AT)
  • Roughness / waviness (NewView™ Scanning White Light Interferometer)

See our Optical Testing Services page for a more detailed listing.

Third Party Evaluation

Perhaps you want to evaluate a new supplier for part quality, or your current supplier is providing parts that you feel might be out of spec. AMS is an optical test service to help you confirm the quality of received parts. Contact AMS, ship us the parts and we will perform the QC for you. If desired, we can train your supplier on proper test procedure as well as check the quality of the references used at their facility.

Process Development

Do you manufacture parts and have a metrology or quality challenge? We can evaluate measurement feasibility, engineer a test setup, write code to calculate complex results or maps, and measure your samples during development. When you are comfortable with your process, If AMS has developed a test setup for you to use in-house, we will write up a test procedure and train your employees. AMS has engineered hundreds of custom optical test setups and code for unusual parts or specifications. Send us a drawing and let us handle the initial metrology or assist with your process development.