Company Profile

Absolute Metrology Services’ mission is to serve customers in obtaining the most accurate optical metrology through three branches of service:

  • We perform optical testing: for the manufacturer to confirm that the specifications are met; and for the end user on incoming parts.  What sets AMS apart from other optical test suppliers is our willingness to take on any optical testing challenge.  AMS has measured for some of the most challenging projects requiring nanometer-level accuracy, unique test configurations and custom fixturing, many of which were turned down by other optical test suppliers.
  • We perform absolute calibrations of reference flats and spheres for optics manufacturers and laboratories around the world.
  • We take pride in providing the most comprehensive, customized interferometry training.  Theory is covered in the classroom. Proper procedures are taught with hands-on training at the interferometer.  The result is improved test accuracy through awareness and minimization of common error sources.  Training is customized to provide the most efficient use of production time.

Maria Robinson earned a B.S. in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology  and a M.S. in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona . Maria shifted her career from optical design to interferometry , working for Zygo Corporation in customer education, applications engineering, and later moving into research and development projects requiring the most precise metrology practices.  Throughout her career at Zygo, Maria provided interferometry training to hundreds of optical shop technicians and engineers, national laboratory R&D groups, and conference attendees.

In 2005 Maria joined Greywall Incorporated, a company created by her husband which provides custom scientific glassware to high-level research facilities. This change allowed Maria to provide  contract optical testing  for larger projects. In 2008, the Absolute Metrology Services subsidiary and web site were created to offer our testing and training services to all customers.

AMS continues to provide these services today. We look forward to serving you!