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Absolute Metrology Services has extensive experience with interferometry and optical testing. Over the past 20 years we have worked with large aperture interferometers and interferometric microscopes, from basic and advanced interferometry training levels to high-level, absolute reference certifications and calibrations.  Browse our offerings on this site, or contact AMS directly with your specific needs.


Applications Engineering

If you have a new part or specification that needs to be tested on your interferometer or interferometric microscope, contact AMS.   We can show you your options to set up your part along with our suggested setup, and optimize interferometer software settings to balance maximum data acquisition with lowest uncertainty. If desired, we can work with your most advanced users to customize what buttons and controls are accessible to all users, and provide the results you need to improve your processes. 

We customize existing interferometry applications to make them more user-friendly, and can program in languages such as MetroScript to make a repeated process or calculation more automated for your interferometer users.

Contact AMS to use our interferometry applications engineering services for your laboratory or optical shop.


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