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On-Site Training Sample: Janos Technology

Below is a sample of an AMS training session given at Janos Technology. AMS visited Janos 3 days each month for several months to train a total of 60 employees, from beginner to the most advanced.

Because Janos has such a large number of employees who use the interferometers, AMS worked with them to design the most cost-effective training solution. This involved larger classroom sessions covering software controls followed by smaller laboratory sessions. These sessions implemented the software controls while teaching proper part setup and measurement techniques.

"Flex time" sessions were offered as well, where topics of interest to specific students were addressed on an individual basis.

After browsing the training sample below, contact AMS to let us know what topics you would like to have covered at your site. Alternatively, we can send a detailed syllabus from which to build your custom training course and schedule.

Maria removes mounts from the last course to prepare for the next experiment.
1. Maria removes mounts from the last course on the use of aspheres and CGHs to prepare for the next experiment. This experiment will heat a local area of a scrap part supplied by Janos.   In order to look at the effect of heating the part, the students will have to learn the correct use of fiducials to align the "before" and "after" data sets before subtraction.

















Maria removes mounts from the last course to prepare for the next experiment.
2. Beginner users have the opportunity to handle part setup.  This includes proper focus, zoom, and alignment techniques.  John aligns the part while Maria describes the new controls that are to be used in the software to complete the experiment.













Advanced users have the opportunity to use new software controls. 3. More advanced users already familiar with alignment procedures handle the use of new software controls.  Matt positions fiducials on this data set before saving the fiducials and the data set. He then brings up the new fiducial controls to be used in the subtraction, and sets them as instructed.









Users introduce changes to the part, reposition it, and apply fiducials.
4. Paul, another advanced user, heats the part in one area through handling to introduce a temporary change, and remounts the part in a slightly different position. Paul will reposition the fiducials to reflect the new part position, remeasure the part, and save this second data set.
















A beginner user subtracts and saves the data, and will start the next experiment.
5. Lindsey finishes off the experiment by performing the subtraction operation and saving the resulting difference data. Maria checks that the fiducials were used properly, and now Lindsey is in the position to set up the next experiment.
















You can benefit from this type of training as well. Contact AMS to discuss your training needs today.


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